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Steps of Fashion Manufacturing

The warrior, rebel and the brave soul that cannot be caged. This is who we are and who we cater for. Stemming from the Hebrew language, “AMOS” stands for strong, carried and brave; the three important characteristics of our brand. We aim to unleash the rebellious brave soul that is within all of you, and let that voice be heard, out loud and deep.

When creating AMOS products for you, we take pride in our design and development process. Everything from concept development to sampling processes are in Melbourne by our expert design team. Before our collections are brought to life, there is a lot of rigorous research, testing and planning that are done to ensure that the final outcomes fit our high standards. There are a couple of important steps in the fashion manufacturing process.


Concept & Options Planning

When launching a collection under your fashion label, the initial stage of the development process is concept planning. Concept for the new collection is created through research and brainstorming of expert minds in our team, prior moving into more creative stages of the process. Once a concept is formed, designing team heads on to the options planning stage where multiple size and colour options are added to the collection.


Jamie, our in-house designer and pattern maker with almost three decades of experience in Australia as well as UK, brings her plethora of experience into the creative designing process to give life to the collection. She will analyse fashion and manufacturing trends in the global markets with an eye out for new processes and fabrics to inspire AMOS aesthetic that you’re drawn into. Her craftsmanship creates truly unique pieces that you can express yourself in that will not be bound to a single season but years to come.

Pattern Making

Pattern making is one of the most essential stages of the process. Apart from our designs, this is mainly where AMOS offers a unique creation that is apart from the rest. Attention to detail is key at this and we imperfectly perfect every minor detail. The cut, fit, fabrics and the other components that are going to be used are all chosen during this stage. AMOS patterns will make you stand out from the crowd as these silhouettes are crafted for the taste of unique individuals over the masses.


Sampling process can be a time-consuming process for us. We do multiple sample rounds until the end product ticks all the boxes and satisfies the designer’s and pattern maker’s expectations. It is crucial that final sample before manufacturing approval is as the designer intended it to be.


The final stage before we hit production is the grading process; we take our perfect sample and create a set of sizes that fit various body sizes and types. Once all these steps are followed and approved, we move into manufacturing our collections with absolute quality standards.


We do not mass produce our products - all silhouettes are manufactured in limited quantity. Our unique designs and patterns will have only few iterations as we move to bring you more creative designs. We prioritise the design and unique details that are often overlooked by fast-fashion trends. We believe one of the main differences between fast-fashion and slow-fashion to be the amount of time and effort that goes into the design and development process. Since we consider ourselves to follow the principles of slow fashion, our mission is to produce best products with a unique design and a tailored fit. Our goal is not to create products that fit everybody, but to create clothing for individuals that appreciate our unique brand aesthetic and premium quality standards.

We do not cater to the ordinary, we cater to the ambitious YOU.

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