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Fashion must-haves for 2021

With the new year just days away, now is the best time to spruce up your wardrobe. Most of 2020 was spent in PJs and sweatpants, and we are all hoping (fingers crossed) and the new year will finally be the year that we are all wishing for and deserve after this 12-month long nightmare we endured. Men’s and women’s fashion for 2021 will featured a lot of sophisticated and stylish clothing instead of sloppy and unbothered looks.

No matter what our personal style is, there are a couple of key items that make up the foundation of your wardrobe. These are the pieces of clothing that will never go out of style and will always make sure you look clean, neat and polished.

Dark Washed Denim Jeans

You can never go wrong with a high-quality indigo denim pair of jeans. Dark washed denim looks great on every body type and makes you look put together and smart. A well-tailored, premium quality pair of denim jeans that is made using good fabric will last you for many years without fading or losing its shape. It is also extremely versatile and can be worn with a variety of t-shirts and outwear combinations. At AMOS Label, we only produce denim jeans using the finest quality fabric that is carefully designed by our head designer, Jamie right here in Melbourne. To check out our denim collection, click here.

Statement T-shirt

Turning up at a gathering or hangout wearing a t-shirt with a cool and unique print is definitely going to give you that extra bit of attention that you secretly crave for. Not only would you look dashing, it is also a great conversation starter. Our AMOS Label Fortem Camo t-shirt is definitely going to have heads turning and jaws dropping wherever you go. The t-shirt has eight different symbols printed on it which represent the eight values AMOS Label embodies. The t-shirt has a unique, tailor-made fit and it is a rendition of the classic camo with a modern urban twist.

Crisp White Tee

A well ironed, clean and crisp white t-shirt is never going to go out of style. What makes white t-shirts so versatile and popular is because you can dress it up and down in so many different ways to suit the occasion. You can throw on a checkered flannel shirt on top for a casual hangout, a formal jacket for a smart causal look or pair it up with a pair of shorts, slip on shoes and a nautical bracelet for a resort look. We believe that a high-quality white t-shirt is something that every man should own, so we have a well-fitted white t-shirt that has a unique cut and style in our collection.

Statement Timepiece

No look is complete without a uniquely designed time piece to add the final touch. A watch is not only for looking at the time, but it is an important part of an outfit. Most men consider a watch to be jewellery and is mostly worn to make a statement. A watch is an investment you make, and one that will last you for many years if you pick the right one. The AMOS Label Liberté timepiece is the perfect watch for all occasions. It has an aesthetically pleasing design that is elegant and simplistic. It is very versatile and you can dress it up or down based on your occasion, it will add that sophisticated touch to your outfit.

AMOS Label is dedicated to provide the best quality clothing to our amazing community of fashion-conscious entrepreneurs that are determined to run their show. Tailor-made clothing with a unique cut that are designed in Australia will elevate your look and help you walk into the new year with style!

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