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Fashion trends to leave behind in 2020

With 2020 coming to an end in a couple of weeks, now is the perfect time to look back at some questionable fashion trends that we should probably leave behind. This year has definitely been an emotional roller coaster ride. Each and every one of us has learnt a lot and matured a bit more in 2020. Now that we are wiser, there is absolutely no excuse to make these fashion disasters in the coming year.

Let's reflect and look at some of the tacky fashion trends we are saying goodbye to in the next 2 weeks!


Fast fashion brands have been totally obsessed with neon colours this year. Neon clothing, neon accessories, neon shoes – this trend has been everywhere, and we are thrilled to say that neon colours won't be joining us in 2021. Apart from being super hard to look at, neon clothing and accessories are challenging to style! If you aim to make a bold statement with your outfit, there are so many more tasteful ways of doing that instead of dressing in neon colours from head to toe.


Another tacky fashion trend we have noticed a lot of is clothing decked out with way too many logos. We get it- you spent a pretty penny on your new jacket, and you want everyone to know. However, you can still communicate your clothes' worth by investing in high-quality and well-designed clothing that doesn't have the brand logo slapped everywhere. This trend is dying down, and we are heading into the new year with more neutral and wearable pieces instead of over-branded clothing.


See-through PVC bags and heels are some of the most hideous pieces we have seen this past year.  PVC accessories were a hit amongst so many brands, from fast fashion brands to luxury and high-end brands. Apart from it looking incredibly tasteless, PVC accessories offered no privacy. The contents in your bag (and your chipped toenails) were out in the open for the whole world to examine. We are so glad to say that in 2021, we will have our sanity and privacy back as this is a trend that will not be joining us. 


Chunky and loud accessories were bearable for a while; however, this is a trend that we got tired of seeing everywhere. This trend was pretty big for the past 2 years, and it is making its exit as of late (which we are ecstatic about, obviously). Exaggerated platforms and oversized necklaces are something we will not be repeatedly hit with, in the new year. Hopefully, we will be seeing more of neutral and well-styled accessories!


Tight and figure-hugging clothing has been happening for a couple of years. Now that we have lived through a pandemic and been confined to our homes for a year, we have gotten used to prioritising comfort. Not to mention, with the gyms being closed, most of us have put on a couple of pounds and putting our extra weight out on display is the last thing we want to do. In the coming year, we will be seeing a lot of relaxed fit clothing that give priority to comfort.

AMOS Label will be dropping a ton of new styles in the coming year. If you thought our men's clothing in 2020 was excellent, you have no idea what is in store next year. We believe that the world is your runway, and we aim to dress our fashion-conscious community in sophisticated and high-quality garments. A good piece of clothing designed with a tailor-made fit does not need to be loud to make a statement. We are a brand that puts quality and comfort first. Our menswear collection this year was designed in Australia and we plan to continue designing our collections right here, in the heart of Melbourne.

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