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History of Denim

‘Denim’ as a term is derived from the term ‘Serge de Nîmes’, which is the name of a sturdy fabric made in Nîmes, France. Denim jeans and jackets have become staples in both women’s and men’s fashion in 2020, but how much do we know about the fabric that started this fashion phenomenon?

From washed out relaxed fit Denim jeans being the go-to item of clothing for labour workers to being viewed as a statement piece in street fashion, this sturdy cotton warp-faced fabric is loved by all. Throughout the 20th century, Denim was the go-to material for manufacturing cheap and durable uniforms for the French railway staff, but now, the Denim industry has turned into a more premium world of fashion. Denim is well loved because of how sturdy, durable and versatile it is and this material has made its way to becoming an essential fabric when it comes to men’s clothing. Denim has gained a lot of popularity over the years that there are menswear and womenswear brands that specialise in just Denim. 

The main component of Denim is cotton. Once the fabric is manufactured, it is then dyed into the rich indigo colour that you see. Back in the day, Denim was dyed using natural indigo dye derived from a plant, however, today most Denims are dyed using a synthetic indigo dye. To build the richness of the colour, the fabric is carefully dipped and oxidised multiple times. This ensures that your Denim jeans or jacket will have a beautiful, deep colour. 

The downside of this amazing and versatile fabric is the impact it leaves on the environment. The Denim industry is a massive contributor to pollution since it consumes a vast amount of water. From growing and cultivation of cotton, the dyeing process and also the finishing and texturizing of the material consumes a considerable amount of water which leads to water pollution and wastage.

At AMOS Label, we understand Denim. Our focus is to proactively minimise negative impact our denim designs leave on this earth.

To ensure that we provide our community with the most premium goods, we have an expert under our wing to help us achieve this. Our head designer, Jamie, is an expert when it comes to Denim. Thanks to her and our relationships with Denim specialised manufacturers, we are able to recognise and choose the most premium Denim fabrics to create our products. As a Denim expert with many years of experience, Jamie is able to tell how good the fabric is just by touching it and has many tricks up her sleeves to cut the fabric in such a way so that the wastage is minimal. Our brand uses only the best fabrics to ensure that the products we manufacture lasts a very long time and also has a second life if the wearer decides to donate it or give it away. This way we reduce the carbon footprint left on our planet as it minimises the number of times our community needs to repurchase a pair of Denim jeans.

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