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How to care for your Denim?

Denims are a staple in our everyday wardrobe and play an integral role in men’s fashion. Therefore, we want our trusty old denim jeans and jackets to last a while. Whether it is a vintage denim jacket or a comfy, relaxed fit pair of jeans, these super versatile denim clothing can last a very long time and look totally fabulous if you give it some tender love and care.

Denim creates a strong and sturdy foundation in every wardrobe that keeps you looking trendy and comfy all year long. A good pair of jeans is an investment, hence, being aware of some simple tips and tricks on how to care for your beloved denim jeans can help you get the most out of them. In this guide, we teach you how to look after your reliable, comfy and versatile pairs of jeans.


When it comes to the topic of washing our jeans, experts say that we should be washing our jeans no more than once a month. The more frequently we throw our jeans in the washer, the shorter the lifespan of our jeans. Turning your jeans inside out and washing them at a temperature of no higher than 30°C with a very mild detergent will make sure your jeans stay looking new for a very long time. There are other ways you can sanitise and remove odours off your jeans without throwing them in the wash – freezing your jeans and also sun drying them can eliminate odours, kill off bacteria and get rid of moisture. Be sure to turn your jeans inside out if you are sun drying them to avoid fading the fabric. If you do get any stains or marks on your jeans, spot cleaning will make sure your jeans look as good as new, and help you save a ton of water in the long run.


Once your denim is washed, the next step is drying. There are few things you need to keep in mind when you are drying your denim garments – denims HATE tumble dryers. Putting your denim jeans in the dryer is the worst mistake you can ever make. Apart from driving up your electricity bill, the high temperatures in the dryer breaks down the fabric, shrinks the garment and quickens the ageing process. The best way to dry your denim jeans is using sunlight. Don't forget to turn the fabric inside out to avoid fading and it is best to dry them in the shade. This will help your jeans live a very long and happy life without tearing or fading too quickly.


The way you store your denim in your closet plays an equally important role in prolonging the life-span of your denim garments. Folding your denim jeans at the knee and hanging them through a wooden hanger is the best way to store them. It is not recommended to iron your denim garments; the creases will smooth out once you put them on.

No matter how much TLC we give our denim garments, sometimes we cannot avoid the inevitable and our denims can get ruined. If this happens, fear not, because you can always revamp your jeans and give them a second chance at life. Distressing or dyeing your jeans can bring them back to life. 

At AMOS Label, we design premium men’s clothing as well as women’s clothing. We specialise in denim and only create high quality and premium jeans for our fashion-conscious community. Our denims are designed in Australia, and we put in a lot of love and effort during the development process. If you take care of our denim jeans, they will be there for you season after season, retaining its premium look. Your denims will stand out will help you look sharper if you follow our simple steps.

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