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Lessons 2020 taught entrepreneurs

It is undeniable that 2020 rocked our world (in a bad way) and made us go through a transformation that we never expected. With the pandemic and lockdowns taking up a massive chunk of our year, we have been exposed to a flip side of life. A lot of us have been forced to get out of our comfort zones this year, and it is not necessarily a bad thing. Even though a lot of negative things happened in 2020, a majority of us have learnt a positive lesson or two that could give us a head start for 2021. 

One of the main lessons we learnt this year was how impermanent our corporate jobs are. The concept of having a 9-5 permanent office job has diminished since a lot of people were forced to work from home to avoid putting themselves and others at risk. Due to WFH becoming the new trend, traditional methods of business ceased to exist as they too had to adapt to cope with the pandemic. AMOS Label, as a business born at the beginning of the pandemic, had to adapt and make some changes to move forward. One of the prominent changes we made was going digital. Our company has started using communication tools such as Slack, project management tools as and stopped relying on a physical server. Group discussions and brain storming sessions happen on, weekly team meetings and follow ups have been moved to google meet. This really helped us as most of the AMOS Team work from different parts of the world and going fully digital has helped us adapt and work efficiently as a team. Adopting to these methods assisted in delivering our summer 20/21 menswear collection as well as our very first womenswear collection on time. This also ensured that we are on track for our very first catwalk collection at the runway show in February 2021.

Individuals that have an entrepreneurial mindset were able to adapt and move forward, which has helped them pull through and survive during these uncertain times. However, folks that possess a more traditional and reserved outlook have faced many difficulties.  

They felt secure in their traditional 9-5 corporate jobs and as companies were forced to make budget cuts to stay afloat, these individuals have sadly been let go. AMOS Label as an Australian developed and operated brand, we too were faced with a few difficulties during thistime period, however, we were able to adapt as our brand does not follow the traditional methods of business. If our brand followed in the traditional business footsteps, and played it safe by hiring a team that is based in Melbourne and operated out of an office, this would have impacted our brand immensely and would have also stunt our growth.  

2020 has been a year of lessons for all of us and affected the fashion industry in many ways. Trends in women’s and men's fashion 2020 may have had a hit but new trends will emerge for the next few years to come. Adopting to the new ways of doing business has opened doors for AMOS Label to design and develop the premium denims we love, with hopes that fashion-conscious you will fall in love with as well. Whether your style is streetwear or smart casual, skinny or relaxed fit, keep an eye out for our next few collections as we are certain that you will find your next favourite pair of Australian designed premium jeans in there!

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