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With the new year just days away, now is the best time to spruce up your wardrobe. Most of 2020 was spent in PJs and sweatpants, and we are all hoping (fingers crossed) and the new year will finally be the year that we are all wishing for and deserve after this 12-month long nightmare we endured. No matter what our personal style is, there are a couple of key items that make up the foundation of your wardrobe. 
Traditionally, the word entrepreneur was used to labelled individuals who undertook control, coordinated and assumed the risk of a business in a competitive marketplace. However, the definition of an entrepreneur has come a long way today. 
When we hear the term ‘Fast Fashion’, the first thing that comes to our mind is – low price, cheap quality and mass production. Is it really all that bad for the environment and also your wallet? 
  • 4 min read
In today’s society, the term “entrepreneur” is thrown around loosely and carelessly, but what does it really mean today?