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When it comes to planning, launching and running your own business, you are bound to be faced with hurdles along the way, this is inevitable. Here are a couple of danger spots new entrepreneurs tend to fall and get trapped in.
It is undeniable that 2020 taught us a lot of valuable lessons. Majority of us have had to make changes to our life as many have lost their corporate jobs due to the pandemic and have been forced to start their own company to survive. Here are five reasons why creating a business plan is the key to your success in 2021!
Watches have become an important part of our outfit, especially when it comes to men’s fashion 2020. Today, a watch is not only for looking at the time, instead, it is worn mainly to make a statement. An aesthetically pleasing analogue watch is considered as ‘jewellery’ for most men.
It is undeniable that 2020 rocked our world (in a bad way) and made us go through a transformation that we never expected. With the pandemic and lockdowns taking up a massive chunk of our year, we have been exposed to a flip side of life.
Traditionally, the word entrepreneur was used to labelled individuals who undertook control, coordinated and assumed the risk of a business in a competitive marketplace. However, the definition of an entrepreneur has come a long way today. 
Have you woken up on a Monday morning and dreaded your life because you need to endure five consecutive days at a 9-5 corporate job that sucks the inspiration and motivation out of you? If that is the case, it is about time you consider taking charge and becoming your own boss!
In today’s society, the term “entrepreneur” is thrown around loosely and carelessly, but what does it really mean today?