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The AMOS Time Piece - Liberté

Watches have become an important part of our outfit, especially with trends we saw in men's fashion of 2020. Today, a watch is not only for looking at the time, instead, it is worn mainly to make a statement. An aesthetically pleasing analogue watch is considered as ‘jewellery’ for most men and it is almost impossible to find a man that does not own a single watch today. There are a number of different factors that make it a statement timepiece- the design, the brand and also the material it is made from.

The AMOS Label watch, named as Liberté was created with the watch enthusiasts in mind, we wanted to create a unique time piece that would appeal to watch collectors. The name translates to Freedom in French and it was designed by one of the AMOS Label founders. Don, who is a watch lover and enthusiast himself, poured a lot of his knowledge and passion when creating this amazing masterpiece and hand drew the design of the watch. Liberté includes a bar in the middle, referred to as the Funnel and this represents FREEDOM. The funnel is meant to signify the transformation that we as entrepreneurs go through, from hard and difficult times and come out stronger, holding freedom in the palm of our hands. Apart from that, the funnel also adds a design element to the time piece, making it very unique and sophisticated.

The Liberté Watch comes with a Japanese Quartz 2315 MIYOTA Movement and stainless-steel dial with a Sapphire scratch resistance glass. You can sport your watch every day without worry as it is water resistant up to 10 ATM. This beauty also has a stainless-steel deployed clasp, a genuine leather strap and to top it all off two-year international manufacturer’s warranty as well. What sets the AMOS time piece apart is the fact that it is designed in Australia by one of the brand’s founders and this makes it extremely unique and one of a kind. We did not want to go to a manufacturer and slap our logo on a watch design that was already available in the market as we wanted to set ourselves apart from the crowds.

When creating the AMOS timepiece, we looked at existing high-end watches that were in the market and decided to create one that had all the similar functions and features, but for the fraction of the price. Liberté brings aesthetics as well as value to wear on your wrist. This beautiful time piece comes in two stunning shades - blue sapphire & brown rose gold.

As with every design we produce, with our timepiece we have upheld our promise to our customers; maintaining the high quality and standards was our utmost priority. To make things even better, our watch is designed in a way to accompany you highly polished formal looks and also complement your relaxed fit jeans and hoodies.

As a premium denim brand that is designed in Australia, our goal is to design amazing menswear (and womenswear soon) for our fashion-conscious community. Menswear doesn’t end with clothes; a watch is an essential in every man’s look, therefore we took it upon us to create a masterpiece that will trigger the watch collector in you.

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