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The eight pillars of AMOS

We at AMOS Label pride ourselves in what we stand for. Our brand is based on eight core values that we as a label represent, and also the resilient and ambitious community that we cater to possess. When we look at entrepreneurs, there are certain qualities and traits that they hold, which differentiate them from the rest. Entrepreneurs are not born, but made using certain skills and characteristics that they develop and perfect over time. 

These are the qualities that are present in each and every single one of the entrepreneurs today. As the famous quote goes, for a caterpillar to become a butterfly it must change; we wholeheartedly agree with this! Every single entrepreneur needs to go through a big transformation to change from a caterpillar to a breath-taking butterfly.  



It begins with courage. This is the first element of the process as you need to build or find the courage before you take your first step. Without finding the courage within yourself, you cannot start your journey.


Once you develop that courage, you have already taken your first step. Courage and strength go hand in hand; building the strength is necessary to keep going. Strength is a state of mind that you as an entrepreneur need to develop and start believing in.


The transformation stage is one of the most important stages as this is where you change your mindset that you have been brainwashed into believing for so long. This is where you actively learn to shut off the negative voice in your head and start believing in yourself and your abilities. Here is where you begin the entrepreneurial transformation.


After the transformation, the growth follows. You are reset to a new born baby after you go through the transformation and then you begin to learn and grow into your real self. During this stage, there is a lot of awakening that happens and you begin to understand and trust yourself more than ever.


This is where the magic happens! You will tap into this element once your growth is complete and you begin to achieve your own definition of success. This is not what society or your peers consider success, but your very own definition.


This is the point where you start appreciating your success and the fruit of your labour. It is also where you begin to feel that you have accomplished the self-fulfilment needs on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Rewards can mean different things to different individuals, it can mean self-actualisation, spiritual and non-monetary rewards for some, and monetary rewards for others. However, the biggest reward for everybody is the new found freedom. Financial freedom, freedom of time and freedom to do what you like – what is more rewarding than that? 


At this point, you begin to accumulate a lot of wealth both financially and also in terms of personal well-being. You begin to attract an abundance of health and monetary wealth. Your mental status as well as your financial portfolio increase.


The final element of the process is discovering and unlocking your true self. This is the point where you define who you are, what you stand for and also look back and reflect on your journey so far. Once you are here, you get to sit back, analyse your success and your rewards, and appreciate your transformation and the version of yourself that you have worked so very hard to create.

Our brand name AMOS stands for strong, carried and brave in the Hebrew language. The meaning behind our name means a great deal to us as this is what we try to represent ourselves and also the community that we cater for.


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