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About Us

Our Philosophy

Amos is a brand that creates cutting edge, on-trend, coveted and wearable products to be lived in every day. We embrace diversity, empowering people of all backgrounds to express their personal style and make a positive impact on the world and those around them.

The Amos story evolves from one simple word that means so much to so many... "Freedom".

But what you do with that is what really matters.

We passionately believe in the freedom to define who we are without fear or favour.


Freedom is a journey. It takes bravery and courage to strike out on the journey for freedom – to discover your personal truth and grasp what means most to you.

At Amos, our personal journey has taken us down many roads of self-discovery finding limitless opportunity and possibility along the way. Today, we are still on that path celebrating that freedom through a passionate belief in our label, – reflecting a bold young spirit bravely striking out for liberty and enhancing our individual sense of identity and control of our destinies.

Amos is as individual as the community we serve.


Meet Our Team

Our shared determination to overcome challenges—the love, support, and encouragement we provide for one another—emphasizes our team's strength.

We are young, restless and brave…
We create our own future…
We will not be labelled…
We are the voice of our time…
We are the heart of our kind…
A team… A family…
We are Amos!


Meet Our Designer

Jamie Ferris May 

Jamie is a professional fashion designer/product developer and creative pattern maker with over 20 years’ experience in the fashion industry. She has worked both in Australia and the UK, for department store brands and independent labels.

Jamie heads our design department and work closely with Amos founders to develop products that truly represents our vision to enable the very best outcomes. Jamie’s wide fashion industry experience, contacts and skill set ensures our products and brand integrity is brought to fruition efficiently and economically.


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