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Our Initiatives

Sustainability Initiatives


After - Apparel Recycling

An everyday choice = extraordinary change

Over 500,000 tons of clothing are currently disposed of in landfills throughout the world. After initiative is directed towards changing such situations! Our actions shouldn’t cost us the earth.

Get rewarded ‘AFTER’ doing the right thing. Our collaboration with AFTER aims to alter the way you dispose of unwearable items— resulting in zero waste!

After Customers will receive a 30% OFF discount code to be redeemed from their Amos order once they booked the 'AFTER' collection!

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Community Initiatives



We all have the power within us to create change and contribute to a better, more equal future – and even the smallest actions can have impact. Amos Originals, as an 100% Australian owned and operated business, is committed to giving back to the community that has given so much to us. That’s why we have partnered with I=Change to donate to a charity of your choice which would support.

We are so excited to be able to use our platform to reach and speak to our audience, to encourage continual support towards 3 life-changing projects that Amos endorses. By donating $1 from every order, our customer can actively choose which charity the donation goes. Giving a powerful purpose to your purchase, that goes far beyond the power of our product. It is incredible that we can show this support with complete transparency and in real time, on our site.
Amos is committed to our community and even more committed to frequent, recurring, and regular support. Driven by our sales, the full donation reaches the charity, no deductions or fees are applied.

We can only enjoy the future fruits of this life, if we make a concerted effort to protect our future generation. We can only thrive as people, and as a community, with generations to come, if we make this stance and create this awareness, every time a customer shop with us.

Supported Charities

Mentor Our Youth

Impact $34 to train a youth Mentor

Support Mental Health

Impact $48 supports one phone call

Empower Immigrants

Impact $25 provides one hour of dedicated employment and education pathways 



Tuhura Music

Amos originals have joined hands with Tuhura Music — a global music, talent and event platform that aspires to connect hidden EDM artists, DJs, and Producers!. Amos ' collaboration with Tuhura Music aims to help these exceptionally talented artists progress in their creative and musical journey.

As Tuhura musics official wardrobe partner, Amos stands with their vision & we work closely with Tuhura music’s founders to show our love & support for all of their media productions & Tuhura exclusive events.

As a Amos Perks member you’ll get priority access to Tuhura exclusive events in exclusive venues & locations.

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