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Yash Daware

Yash Daware is a 21-year-old photographer based in Melbourne. He was born in Pune, Maharashtra in India but has called Melbourne his home ever since he was 6 months old. 

Embarking on his photographic journey six years ago, he began capturing moments of joy with friends, family and captivating scenes. Over time, his focus shifted towards photographing people, specializing in fashion, portrait, and lifestyle photography. With each image, he aims to evoke emotions and tell compelling stories, revealing his subjects' unique personalities and styles. Pushing creative boundaries, he hones his skills, experimenting with lighting and composition to bring his artistic vision to life. 

Alongside his studies in Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry at RMIT University, photography provides him solace and inspiration, blending the technical with the creative. Excited to continue his journey, he strives to make a meaningful impact, capturing moments that resonate with others and igniting inspiration.

Working with Yash has been an inspiring experience and we are honored to have collaborated with him on our recent Winter Collection shoot at the RMIT Design Hub Gallery.

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