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Gehan Seneviratne

Melbourne, Australia

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IFBB Champion

Personal Trainer
IT Consultant

Meet Gehan

Embark on a remarkable journey with Gehan, whose unwavering passion for fitness has shaped his life since childhood. From an early age, he dedicated himself to honing his physique, spending countless hours in the gym to achieve optimal form and witness the transformative power of his efforts.

“I was always passionate about fitness since I was kid, and as I grew up I realized that I loved studying IT, which led me to pursue a degree to become a Software Engineer. I wanted to excel in both areas, but I struggled to balance both my work and fitness lifestyle.”

This was when Gehan realized that if he was truly dedicated and committed to his passion, nothing would stop him from doing what he loved. He understood that when one is passionate about their pursuits, every challenge becomes an opportunity to push oneself further and uncover new depths of their abilities. The experience made him more resilient and adaptable, teaching him to navigate through difficult times with grace and unwavering determination. Failure transformed into a stepping stone towards success, and each accomplishment propelled him towards even greater achievements.

Get to know about Gehan

“If you have a burning passion inside you, hold onto it tightly and never let it go.

”Let it ignite your soul and propel you towards greatness. Embrace the challenges with unwavering determination, guided by the fire within.

“I feel free when I am on stage, I am in my zone, I am in my element. Working out for that, brings a different version of myself.”

He feels an unparalleled sense of liberation when he takes the stage, stepping into his zone, his true element. It is there that he discovers a profound freedom, like no other. But to reach that state, he knows he must put in the work, pushing his physical limits through intense workouts. In those moments, a new version of himself emerges, empowered and transformed, ready to embrace the spotlight and captivate the world.“

Everyone who competes in competition has put their body through a lot, honestly it's a lot of hard work. Competing allowed me to put myself in those shoes which motivated me to push my limits which allowed me to become a better version of myself.”

Gehan encourages individuals to have a clear vision and focus on their goals. work hard, and don't get distracted because time is valuable! He believes doing something you’re passionate about is the key to a happy and fulfilling life.