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Amos Originals, having done multiple collaborations, were searching for a collaboration with a purpose-driven organization back in 2023. Learning about The Pearl Protectors, their values and their purpose, we deeply resonated with that purpose and their efforts and were eager for an opportunity to collaborate. 

This opportunity arose as the Pearl Protectors prepared for the 2023 World Oceans Day, hosting an art competition to raise awareness about the struggles of the Oceans of the world.

Divided into digital and hand-drawn categories, the competition attracted mostly school children, urging young artists to convey messages through their pieces. Following the art competition, the artworks were then proudly displayed in an art gallery during the Pearl Protectors' Ocean Day festivities.

Now we proudly showcase selected masterpieces from the competition in our latest collection, themed "Save the Ocean." It's a heartfelt tribute to the Pearl Protectors' dedication and a clear show of support for their conservation efforts.

Through each brushstroke and stitch of this collection, Amos originals celebrates the ocean's beauty while highlighting the urgent need for its protection. Together, Amos and the Pearl Protectors aspire to shine as symbols of hope in the fight to preserve our planet's most precious treasures.

Saving the Ocean with brushstrokes and stitches?

Be ocean-minded.