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Sahan Perera

Born and raised in Sri Lanka, Sahan developed a deep passion for photography, guided by his curiosity and keen eye, he explored the breathtaking landscapes of his hometown and embarked on adventures across Sri Lanka and beyond with his camera.

Sahan aimed to capture the beauty of simple moments and inspire others to appreciate the wonders around them. 

He'd geek out over the sunlight hitting a leaf covered in dew, or the mind-blowing dance of colors in a sunset. His photographs became windows to unseen worlds, inviting viewers to join him on a journey of awe and appreciation. 

By working with Amos, we’re giving Sahan the opportunity to use this platform to showcase his incredible talent. 

This collaboration has been a special one— Sahan’s enthusiasm and positive vibes are infectious, and it created a fantastic atmosphere during our most recent winter shoot.

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